Friday, June 12, 2015

Give RPV a try

You can download a demo version of RPV reports from our website and test it for free.
With RPV you can make your reports in an easy way.

Download a demo version at

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Online Demo

Remember that if you still have doubts about RPV and what it can do for you it is possible to ask for an online demo in our support page. We will be happy to assist you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Picture: a new programming language.

Now that machine-learning algorithms are moving into mainstream computing, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is preparing a way to make it easier to use the technique in everyday programming.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

An example using AWK programming language & RPV Reports.

This example shows how to prepare a report using AWK programming language & RPV Reports.

This program reads the person.dat file (see samples) that must be stored on a Unix system.

This example turns in red all those monthly salaries below 1400; that is the reason of the if.
We have used print & printf commands. We took advantage of the printf command because it doesn't insert a newline.

How to run this
1- Save this code and name it with anyname.awk.

2- Place the file person.dat in the computer for the program to be able to read it.

3- Execute this at the prompt: 
# awk -f anyname.awk person.dat > listing.rpv ; mv listing.rpv /tmp/rpvqueue

Important aditional information
- Please observe that the awk program has a pic inside pointing "c:\program files\rpv\samples" (the rpv logo). What this means is that the logo is stored in the computer which runs the Rpv server.

- You could want to print a bitmap that you have stored in the unix machine. To do so, just reference without the path, and be sure to copy it to the queue directory BEFORE you place the Rpv file there.

    FS = "," ;
    print "report_title=Employees report Example with Awk";
    print "orientation=2";
    print "open_view";
    print "spacing=250";
    print "$c0=400";
    print "$c1=1000";
    print "$c2=3400";
    print "$c3=6800";
    print "$c4=8400";
    print "$c5=11000";
    print "$c6=13000";
    print "$c7=13200";
    print "[header]";
    print "{f=arial;s=8}";
    print "{pic=c:program filesrpvsamplesrpvlogo.bmp,400,400,1400,900}";
    print "{n;$c7} Page {12800;pag}";
    print "{s=16;n;1800;c=2;b=y} Sample Application Report {spacing=350;n}";
    printf "{c=1;1800} Employees Report (one line per record).n"
    printf {c=0;b=n;n;n;n}n";
    print "{LINE=400,14000;n}";
    printf "{s=8;b=y;$c0} ID {$c1} Name {$c2} Address {$c3} Phone {$c4} E-mail" printf "{$c5} Birth date {a=r;$c6} Mon Salary {a=l;$c7} Schedule"
    printf "{b=n;spacing=375;n}n";
    print "{LINE=400,14000;n}"
    print "[data]"}


        printf "{$c0}" $1
        printf "{$c1}" $2
        printf "{$c2}" $3
        printf "{$c3}" $4
        printf "{$c4}" $6
        printf "{$c5}" $7
        printf "{a=r;"

        { if($8 < 1400)

            printf "c=12;"


    printf "$c6}" $8 "{c=0;a=l;$c7}" $10 "{n}n"


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New services for our customers

There is a new Rpv and a new support!
Remote support powered by TeamViewer

One of the most important changes that we have implemented is the use of the tool TeamViewer to provide remote support to our customers.
With this new tool is possible to solve problems in a faster and more efficient way.

Online support by Skype

We are available on line to answer the questions you may have. Just open the chat of the Skype and ask what you need to know.  Add our account "RpvSoftware" to your contacts and communicate with us at any moment.

Visit us on our new support page

Special services

We offer now more and better services

  • Consulting 
  • Online training 
  • Online demonstrations 
  • Special projects to adapt Rpv to your specific needs.

These are some of the new possibilities that we have available on this new stage.
We will be happy to assist you when you need.

Friday, May 8, 2015

RPV software support center

In RPV Software we look forward to help you create better reports. You will find answers to many questions you may have about Rpv Reports in our new support center.
We are giving the new service of support via teamviewer. Also you can contact us to our skype: rpvsoftware. We added the consulting service, and also the online training.
Check out our support center for more information!